Bathroom Tile Design Idea and How to choose the Right tiles

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It looks a bit silly to go crazy about all the home décor and interior and ignore the bathroom design at all.

It is sometimes important to have a trendy and contemporary design for your bathroom and be as alert to its designing as it is to other parts of the house. You have a wide variety of accessories available that can give your bathroom a cool and elegant look.

The basic and important element that changes the overall appearance of your bathroom is the tile. It is important to choose the right color, theme, and style for your bathroom tiles. Choosing bathroom tiles wisely, you represent your aesthetic sense. When choosing, be careful that the tile design is one that gives it a cool and elegant look.

bathroom tile design idea

How to choose the right bathroom tile:


The budget is important when deciding on bathroom tiles. With the many types available now, you can easily select designs and patterns that stay within your budget. If you want to take a happy bath every day, show this concern in your selection of bathroom tiles, which should not only be unique but also comfortable to walk on.

The first step in the process of selecting bathroom tile ideas within a budget is to calculate the amount of tile required for walls or floors. Measure the surface of the wall or floor (length x width) where the tiles will be installed. Accordingly, one can get an idea of the number of tiles that need to be purchased. For boundary tiles, measure the length of the wall along which the tile will move. It is advisable to add 10% to the amount required for dissipation due to cutting and breakage during installation.

Additionally, before starting the project, it is necessary to get an idea of labor and other material costs for cement, grout, and adhesives, among other things, as they contribute to the cost during a bathroom remodeling or renovation.

The budget will vary depending on the type of material and design impact. For example, white ceramic tiles are the most reasonable option, costing around INR 25 per sq ft, while color tiles cost INR 60 to INR 150 per sq ft. Printed tiles are available in a variety of designs, and varies between INR 35 per square foot for a simple dual-tone design to a simple multi-color design. 3D wall tiles are expensive and can cost up to INR 250 per sq ft.

Size and shape of bathroom tiles:

It is necessary to consider the size of the bathroom. If it is large or small, if your bathroom is small, is it not wise to choose a bathroom tile with a larger design? If you apply a larger design tile to a smaller size bathroom, it will give the bathroom a smaller look and spoil the balance. When opposed, if the bathroom is large enough, you should not consider a small design tile for this.

When you select the same color for the bathroom floor and walls, you can add variety by choosing a different size for the walls or putting the wall tiles diagonally.

Floor tiles are available in various sizes for bathrooms. You can choose different sizes of tiles from square to rectangle shape, hexagon size, octagon, and even the most commonly used shape. Another contemporary tile size is a small diamond shape.

Color of bathroom tiles:

If you want to have a constant color pattern overall in your bathroom tiles color would be the same or have a little bit conflicting effect on it.

But if you want to contrast with tile color and design, just play wisely with contrasting colors. This selection should add to the beauty of your bathroom instead of creating an odd touch to it. If you are confused or do not have any idea about this selection, then you do not worry, you have a wide variety of options available.

Although ideally colored tiles create a sense of space, you can use dark tiles on the floor to offset a light on the walls. Be it a combination of black and white or dark blue and light blue, the darker flooring will highlight the lighter color of the wall, making it look more expensive and the color of the room.

How to install the tile: Step by step procedure for installation of tiles

Based on Function:

Floor tiles:

Your bathroom floor has to stand up to wet conditions and frequent cleaning and needs to look good while doing it. Thus porcelain and ceramic tile are best suited for flooring. Depending on the theme of your bathroom, choose tiles that are non-slip, anti-bacterial, and do not contain water. Digitally printed stone look tiles look great on the floor.

Shower area tile:

The shower area in the bathroom withstands maximum moisture and water and thus the tiles should not only be anti-slip but also hygienic. You can choose to use the same tile in the shower area as the rest of the bathroom, or leave it exposed with a different tile. But make sure that the tiles used in the shower area do not remain moist for a very long time and thus there is minimal bacterial growth. Colors like gray and brown are really for shower areas. Mosaics are also a good option.

shower area bathroom tile

Wall tiles:

Wall tiles add a touch of glam to your bathroom and can be used in natural finishes or stunning designs and patterns to create the desired look. For a natural look, you can choose wood finish tiles or marble finish tiles. To make a design statement, one can opt for highlighters and border tiles in motifs that fuse with the look. Wall tiles are usually medium-sized (12 × 12) and thin compared to floor tiles, but one can also play with mosaics or different size tiles for bathrooms.

Backsplash tile:

The backsplash is the area above your washbasin that has the maximum potential for water damage. Thus the tile for this location should have at least water absorption and preferably anti-bacterial. However, it is always a good idea to be creative when designing with tiles and backslaps is a great way to create a focal element or to add color or pattern to your bathroom.

Backsplash area bathroom tile

Some of the recommended bathroom tile design idea:

The color of the border tiles should always be different from the floor tiles color. If you use repetitive colors on the border then it will give your bathroom a creative touch.

Most of the time, our budget does not allow us to buy what we love. But this does not mean that you should keep your bathroom light and boring. On the walls, you can go for pure white wall tiles. To give it an interesting twist, in the middle, pair them with bright mosaic tiles that give a contrasting look.

bathroom tile with mosiac in centre

Natural stone tiles (slate, travertine, or marbles) are an evergreen alternative to clear bathroom floors. Look and texture is relaxing the feet. The only downside to using natural stones is that they demand high maintenance and regular sealing for durability. Being more porous than other tiles, they easily accumulate dirt and get slippery.

Glass tile is another option that people now prefer to go with the bathroom. While these are certainly one of the best, keeping them as the flooring will prove costly in terms of maintenance. They can instead be used on walls that are less messy than the floor.

If you want to illuminate a section, corner, or entire wall, there are some gorgeous options available for accent tiles. We suggest that instead of playing mix-and-match with lots of elements, patterns, and materials, you can make yourself out of a tile element. Do not combine more than three bathroom tiles in one bath space as space will impress you and turn off its sophistication. Allow your two options to finely complement the statement piece.

highlighting one wall bathroom tile design

It can be tempting to choose a darker tile, assuming it will cover the dirt. But, soon you will realize that you will have a big monster when hard stains of water start appearing. With this in mind, I would advise you to choose a beige tile. You can choose the opposite option for darker wall tiles.

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