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home office setup ideas

If you are a businessman or deal in any small or midsized business, then surely you would love to have an office to set your business up well. I believe there is no better option than having a home office in your home areas to run your business in full swing and comfort.

A home office is a great idea and manifesto that can make your office life a lot easier and comfortable than anything else. If your office is in some other, it makes a bit complicated and difficult for you to make daily trips to that office and it will also be a time-consuming factor. For everything you feel, a home office is a great feature to add to your business and it is the most exciting thing that you will love in your business.

A home office is not just for comfort ideas, but it is also a source to attract your customers. Anyone who comes to your home will know about your business and there is a possibility that they will sign a new deal with you. So in other words, your guests can be your business customers as well as after visiting your well-organized office. A home office provides you with ease, relaxation, time management, and ease of functioning at your convenience.

To set up a home office, you need a few things that make your office look like an office and a bunch of those things will help you to accommodate all of your customers and visitors and make them feel comfortable about your business structures.

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A place for Home Office:

Home offices come in many different shapes and sizes. This can happen in a separate room, a quiet corner, or even in your kitchen. Choosing the right place for your home office is important where and when you do your work.

You will likely spend many hours in your home office, so don’t harden yourself in space. For example, squeeze a small desk in a windowless closet to preserve a rarely used guest room.

Also, consider your ability to withstand traffic flow and distracting. Do you work best in the area of activity, or should your office be kept in a quiet place? If visited by customers, a private space with adequate seating should be one.

If you are a busy mom, a kitchen desk area may be an ideal location for your central command post. However, if you are a professional, you want to choose a place that is away from the daily flow and distraction of your home.

When you glance away from the computer, place the desk where you can see more interesting things than a blank wall. The natural light of a window is ideal, but if you are in a windowless place, hang a beautiful picture above the desk, or position your chair to face the door.

Make sure you allow enough space to work comfortably. Ask yourself if you can easily stand side by side, stand up, and sit back from your desk. Although it may seem mindless, it is easy to understand how much space you need. To avoid this, use the same rule of thumb as professional designers to layout the workplace – allow at least 60 ”(150 cm) in width and 84” (210 cm) in depth.

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You can choose any color you want. But to make it accordingly, you need to follow your already set home color so that it looks great and will definitely be liked by your valued customers. Very dark color makes people sophisticated so it is better to adopt a neutral theme.

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Furniture for Home Office:

Furniture is definitely a source of attraction for your business. I personally think the more good furniture in your business place, the better your customers and visitors feel and the chances of your deals and business commitments.

Be particularly involved in your furniture selection. Do not choose too much-dated furniture as your client may not love to go back to the Stone Age to get all those chairs and tables in a way that will surely be liked by all your business customers.


There are many things that the category of furniture includes and the following are some of them.


It is no wonder that chairs are a major part of your home office. Certainly without chairs, neither you would be capable to sit and nor your clients would be able to chat and deal with you comfortably. Chairs are an important furniture part of your office no matter where you have a home office or office outside.

There are many types of chairs available in the furniture market such as executive chairs, computer chairs, general office chairs and other types of chairs, as well as wood types of furniture such as oak, mahogany, maple, walnut, pine, ash, beech, hemlock, And many other wood types. Select one of them and then order the chairs accordingly to make it more lavish.

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Along with the chairs, the table is also the most important thing that is near your home office. The table is used to keep your important office files, documents, and many other important things. You used them to write and make deals for your business customers. The tables should be placed according to the size of your home office room or location. If you have a sufficient size they hold a central table, executive office table, and side table.

Select a table that is wide enough for your computer and requires something else to do your job. Ideally, your desk should be 48” (120 cm) wide minimum. However, if all you ever need is a laptop you can get away with less. Most people find 60” (150 cm) wide or larger which is the most comfortable. Select a table that is not too in height – 28″-30″ (70-75cm) is an adequate choice.

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Storage is an important thing for your home office as they accommodate all your important files, documents, books, catalogs, manuals, and other things. Make nice cabinets in your home office to give a nice decent look.

Your shelves and storage should serve you, not the other way round. Deliberate your workflow and what stuffs you want at your seating range before spending on furniture, and then find for pieces that are both attractive and functional.

Place shelves on the walls to get paper and office things from the table, and put the vertical file folder on the table to retain important papers within arm’s reach.

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If you prefer a clean desktop, designate a drawer for your “to-do” papers. Wooden or metal cube storage is a fun alternative to a bookshelf, as each space can be used for books, knickknacks, or baskets of odds and ends.

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Good lighting is important for any home space. If possible choose a location with some natural light and a view. Translucent window shades or blinds can help reduce any glare without darkening your room. You can enhance natural light by incorporating a mirror and keeping most of your walls in a light color.

Your office has sufficient light to reduce eye stress and headaches. The position of the computer monitor is not dazzled by a window or overhead light, and place a small lamp on the desk for task lighting.

Ceiling light above your head will deliver good overall lighting. A pair of open-top floor lamps placed in the corners of your room will do the same. Include desk-light to provide shade-free work lighting and additional lighting in the evening. Add some full spectrum daylight bulbs for an added boost to your light fixtures.

Tame your technology:

Nothing makes a home office look or feel more cluttered than wires hanging from your desk and running everywhere. Control your technique with these simple tips:

  • Add a wireless router – you will reduce your wiring by half
  • Invest in both wireless printers and wireless mouse
  • Add a grommet to your desktop to lead any wire from your desk below
  • Attach any visible wires under your desk or along the desk leg
  • Assemble the loose wires along the floor with a simple cord tamer



Sculptures, plants, and table decorations really look great in a home office environment and show your customers that your art tastes good too. So always be particular about office decoration and always make your office great with all this.

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Set up some cherished knickknacks, a piece of crafted art, and a special photo on your desk that inspires you to create and/or work so you can get out of there. A Parisian print may circulate your inner collection, or a picture of your children may remind you that you are doing all this for them.

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