How to choose the best kitchen laminate?

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Deciding the color and finish of a kitchen laminate can be an exciting and challenging task. Most of the kitchen space is occupied by cabinets, which are usually covered by laminate, so it is very important to choose the right kitchen laminate.

The way a person decorates and maintains their kitchen says a lot about the owner’s visual taste. But along with the appearance, it is also important to make the kitchen functional and convenient to use and maintain.

Convenience in maintenance depends a lot on the type of laminate you choose for the kitchen cabinet. Laminates come in various colors, thicknesses, and finishes that can mimic wood, stone, glass, or leather. It can be glossy or have a thick matte texture. The price range suits all pockets.

This post helps you choose the right finish and color for your kitchen laminate on points of what’s available, the pros and cons of each, as well as some tips to make sure each finish looks its best in your kitchen.

Always choose high-pressure laminate:

Before deciding on kitchen laminate, it is important to know that laminate is classified into two types: high-pressure laminate used in plywood and low-pressure laminate used in particleboard.

We suggest you go for a high-pressure laminate for your kitchen laminate as it is temperature and stain-resistant, durable, low maintenance, and budget-friendly.

Select according to surface finish:

Glossy finish:

For a mirror-like shine and shine, opt for a glossy laminate. It looks elegant and makes the space luxurious and elegant. It is more suitable for contemporary style kitchens than traditional style kitchens.

The glossy finish of these Shine cabinets helps space feel bigger and more open than it actually is, making the cabinets a better choice for smaller kitchen spaces.

If you’re considering a darker color, this light reflection is a bonus too, as you don’t have to worry about the shade absorbing the light from your kitchen.

The lighter the color, the greater the reflection of light, which is why white is the most popular color for kitchens that sparkle.

Due to the fact that the laminate with a high gloss finish reflects a lot of light, fingerprints, dirt, and scratches are very noticeable on them. But they are very easy to clean, so this may not be a problem for you. Use a non-scratch microfiber cloth to clean the cabinet fronts as they will easily pick up any dust particles on the surface. However, if you don’t have time to keep cleaning, don’t choose this finishing option.

One downside of dark color in the glossy finish is that any minor surface flaws, such as scratches or fingerprints, are much more noticeable than light-colored glossy laminate.

White Glossy finish laminate

White Glossy finish laminate – Photo by Saviesa Home from Pexels

Matte finish:

Matte finish laminates are a better choice for a more traditional style or country style kitchen cabinets.

Matte finish laminates are moderately reflective and easier to keep clean than high gloss surfaces. They are durable and do not show scratches or dirt very easily. Inside cabinets and drawers are generally finished with a matte laminate.

Matte finish cabinet color may appear more uniform than glossy ones. This is because there is no reflection of light that makes some areas of the cabinet fronts brighter or darker than others.

matte finish kitchen laminate

Matte finish kitchen laminate – Photo by ready-made from Pexels

Texture finish:

The love of wood and wood finish can be satisfied with textured laminate in kitchen cabinets. It can closely resemble the look and grain of real wood surfaces, making your kitchen appear to be finished in natural wood.

Laminate with a textured finish is an easy way to add a sense of depth to a monochromatic kitchen.

Be aware that oil and dust can get trapped on textured surfaces and need to be cleaned with soap and water at least once a month to prevent dirt build-up. These kitchen laminates are very durable and do not show scratches or stains.

Wooden Texture Kitchen Laminate

Wooden Texture Kitchen Laminate

Metal finish:

The gloss of the metal finish laminate makes the kitchen look modern and elegant. The sense of luxury enriched with metal seamlessly transforms the space into a high-end modern kitchen.

These are expensive, but the best things in life come at a cost. The choice of colors is also limited and is available in copper, silver, and rose gold colors.

You can cleverly combine a matte finish or a solid color laminate for contrast. However, these laminates have a sharp edge. So make sure to get it professionally installed for better and longer-lasting results.

Acrylic finish (ultra-gloss finish):

If you want your kitchen to have an ultra-gloss finish, then the acrylic coating is for you. With a non-toxic finish, your kitchen cabinets will give you a mirrored look that is honestly very beautiful in appearance.

The advantage is that acrylic finishes are durable, quite resistant to scratches and moisture, do not fade or become brittle even after many years, and are available in many vibrant colors.

The downside of this kitchen laminate is that it is easy to clean, but it must be cleaned regularly as dirt, oil, fingerprints and other stains are visible on them. It should not be forgotten that high aesthetic appeal means spending more money out of pocket. Also, after years of use, if you plan to change the acrylic finish of your kitchen cabinet, it is not so easy to find the exact shade.

ultra glossy finish - Acrylic finish kitchen laminate

ultra glossy finish – Acrylic finish kitchen laminate

Select according to color and pattern:

Show off the vibrant side of your personality and play with colors and patterns in your kitchen with a selection of laminates, which are full of life and color. Remember, the color you choose will play a big role in the overall aesthetic of your kitchen, so take your time and make the right choice.

Choose your color based on the size of the kitchen, the amount of natural light available, your kitchen style, and of course your taste.

Remember, white and light colors make a room larger, but also more difficult to keep clean. Also, remember that scratches appear much more on dark surfaces than light ones. Also, if it is damaged, it will be difficult to obtain an exact replacement. You have to replace all the laminate in the cabinets.

Solid color laminate:

We’ve all seen and loved the bright colors that come in some kitchens – bright yellow, green, blue, and red are popular color choices. If you want your kitchen to shine with this color, definitely go for a solid color laminate

If you like this style, choose shades that complement each other and add vibrancy to your room. There is a full spectrum of colors to choose from, so try out of the off-beat colors that suit your personality.

Solid color laminates are available in glossy and matte finishes.

Solid Color Kitchen Laminate

Solid Color Kitchen Laminate

Decorative laminate:

For a fresh and positive aura around the kitchen area, decorative laminate sets well. A pure and positive atmosphere is possible for the kitchen with a feeling of spring and summer using a decorative laminate.

Decorative laminations are available in a variety of patterns and motifs. Today, customizable laminate is also available in this category, which can meet the exact needs and tastes of the user.

Decorative Kitchen Laminate

Decorative Kitchen Laminate

Other points to keep in mind:

Remember that you can mix and match the surface finish as well. You can opt for a two-tone kitchen that combines colors and finishes, or even assemble with laminated glass for shutters.

Glossy and Matte Finish Mix in kitchen cabinet

Glossy and Matte Finish Mix in kitchen cabinet

Light reflections on glossy laminate are more noticeable in higher cabinets, as they are higher at eye level than under the kitchen platform.

If you want some high-gloss kitchen laminate, but are concerned about seeing fingerprints, consider opting for a high-gloss finish on your upper cabinets and matte or semi for the lower cabinets.

Similarly, under-counter cabinets can be darker in color and show no dirt. While the over-the-counter ones can be made of glass or light colors or a mixture of both.

Dark and light color combinations

Dark and light color combinations – Photo by Diego Pacheco from Pexels

As a precaution, you must take care to protect all laminate surfaces from continuous water or excessive moisture, as it can loosen the laminate from its base, which can be difficult to fix.

A drawback of most laminates is that it is not possible to repair laminated chips once. In case of damage, the entire laminate panel will need to be replaced. So be careful with this.

If your budget allows, you can also check for flame retardant laminate. Flame resistant surfaces do not catch fire easily. They are more resistant to smoke and heat. Brands like Greenlam and Centuryply make fire retardant laminates.

Also, consider laminates that are antibacterial – these surfaces improve kitchen hygiene by discouraging the growth of germs and bacteria.

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