The most common interior design mistakes and how to avoid making them

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Not everyone has studied interior design, however, most of them decorate their personal homes, and they all create the same common interior design mistakes. It is unavoidable. You discover something on the market and consider that it will look better in your home, and you take it home without thinking of any plan or it will adjust properly or not.

In your mind, decorating the home means putting the thing where you want. However, there are basic design concepts like color, scale, lighting, and the arrangement of things. They all have an impact on how the room will look.

common interior design mistakes

Here, we provide you with special tips to help you decorate an elegant room while avoiding common interior design mistakes. Design your room similar to the one you have in your thoughts and pictures, and it is also the best choice for your whole family.

We are going to talk about some of the common things that give an old and bad look and leave a wrong impression on visitors. Find out the common interior design mistakes and keep them in mind before modernizing your home.

There are many common interior design mistakes that almost everyone creates when designing their interiors.

Here we look at the most common interior design mistakes and how to avoid them:

The correct amount of lighting:

Lighting is one of the last things people consider in a home. But, it is more important for a pleasant atmosphere.

Relying on a light source is never a good idea. Different types of lighting require different commitments, such as task lighting, ambient lighting, and general lighting. Evaluating a room and discovering what kind of lighting it requires is an important design decision.


In addition to a ceiling fixture, a room requires mid-level lighting for tasks like reading. Some rooms have the advantage of ambient lighting that helps create a mood. Accent lights are important for highlighting special decorations or art. And regardless of how many different types of lighting it includes, location is important, too.

It is always good to have a natural light source as much as possible. At the planning stage, pay attention to the placement of the window in the right place for natural light.

Too much furniture or incorrectly sized furniture:

A congested room with furniture will under no circumstances look spacious. All of its sections should be attractive and meet your requirements for purpose and comfort. Furniture should not obstruct the flow of traffic through the room or limit movement. If a room becomes crowded, remove a member or two from the furniture and see if it relieves the feeling in the room. Rearranging the bits in the room can also work.

Scale and sizes are very important in the interior design of a home. Many people consider that if you have a huge house, you should fill it with large furniture. Similarly, if they have a small house, they design it with only small furniture. If you use a large piece of furniture in a small room to make a statement, that’s fine. But you should balance it with small or visually light parts to avoid a room that feels stuffy.

The ideal space will have a mix of different sizes, shapes, and heights. Imagine your home as an urban landscape and create an interesting “Skyline”, by filling it with tall, short, large, and small pieces. This will add interest and variety and help draw attention to the room.

When selecting the furniture for different sizes, you should also consider the ratio. A high chair next to a low table will look uncomfortable and feel disproportionate. Always measure both space where the furniture will go and nearby pieces to make sure you get the correct size.

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To avoid making a wrong purchase, first measure your space well. Use painter’s tape to make a mark of the furniture placement.

Incorrect window treatment:

Unfortunately, there are many ways that window treatments can go wrong. In most cases, they are more than just decorative. Window treatments also control the privacy in your space and regulate the amount of light that enters the space.

Window Treatment

Keeping in mind what you want from your window treatments will help you choose the right type. Most people tend to hang curtains just above the window frame, which does not do much for the overall interior design of a home. Instead, hang your curtains to the ceiling to increase space and make windows appear larger.

Make assured your curtains touch the floor, besides, regardless of how wide and tall your windows are. Make sure the bar extends far enough beyond the window frame to make sure the window is fully uncovered when the curtains are open.

Too many pieces of decoration:

When it comes to decoration, less is more. The nicest rooms with the nicest feel always have accessories’ but not too many. Unfortunately, conquering clutter is more than just an organization. Yes, you should have enough storage space to hide your belongings out of sight, but there are many other ways that a home can feel cluttered. Too many accessories, too many pillows, too much on the shelves, artwork hanging without a plan – these are some of the common interior design mistakes examples.

too many art

This can be an actual problem for people who gather kinds of stuff. In all cases, the treatment is editing. Eliminating clutter doesn’t mean you can’t show your favorite things, it just means you shouldn’t show them all at once. A carefully edited collection of accessories or collectibles has more impact than a big jumble. Occasionally, you can change what is displayed so you can enjoy all of your items.

Like other aspects of a well-decorated room, its accessories should be balanced, not too small or too much. It’s easy to over-personalize a room that you think needs more. Its accessories will help give it personality, but too many will create a disturbance in the flow and will be chaotic. Keep accessories organized and decide which ones can be kept for the upcoming season.

Thinking that everything has to match:

There was an era when similar furniture sets were all the desire, but that is not the situation now. Mixing and matching is the way to get a comfortable and elegant room. Of course, this does not mean that the room should be a random mix of mismatched pieces. There must be a dominant style that represents 75 to 80 percent of a room and the rest can be anything else.

Never be in a rush when decorating your home. It is much better to live without something for a while than to buy furniture that does not fit your design plan. The wait will be worth it when you discover that perfect piece. And choosing individual parts instead of matching sets will make it easy to swap apart when it’s time for a change.

Plain walls:

The trend for white walls has been strengthening for years. But unless you are an absolute minimalist, don’t leave your white walls bare, as they can look stiff and unappealing. Adding a great work of art will have a big impact on a space. There are many online options for unique and affordable art if the cost of original work is beyond your reach. For a cheaper alternative, because we know that large-scale paintings can be expensive, install wall panels for that dramatic and luxurious effect.

Decorative walls are another option to turn a blank wall into an impressive focal point. Whether you choose a bold color, a painted pattern, or a wallpaper or wall mural, a decorative wall will add interest and color to your space.

The secret to successfully displaying accessories is to find ways to group them by shared characteristics. Forming groups of similar objects will create more impact than displaying unique elements. Organizing accessories in odd number groups is more attractive than even groups. The inclusion of a combination of different heights, textures, and shapes will produce the most attractive and interesting arrangements.

Without using the balcony:

Maximize every square inch of your home, including the balcony, no matter how small. Don’t use it just to dry your clothes; create an herb garden, an outdoor lounge, or use it as an extension of your interior space.


Furniture against the walls:

Unless you’re trapped in a small living room, don’t automatically push your sofa, and all other furniture, against the wall. This arrangement immediately creates a giant empty space in the middle and generally leaves the seats too far apart to be comfortable for conversation.

Especially in a larger space, the sofa can help define the main area by moving to the center of the space or the side, depending on the configuration. Most designers feel that running furniture around the edges is a big no-no that lacks style and practicality. Even if the space is not large, adding a console between the wall and the sofa can add enough space to change the feel of the room.

comman interior design mistakes

Art hung too high:

Art is the easiest way to add style, personality, and color to space, and if it is hung incorrectly, the easiest way to make things look bad. Hanging a piece too high is probably the most common interior design mistakes, designers say. It should be hung at eye level.

If you are trying to hang a grouping or gallery, consider the center of your grouping as the center. Also, be sure to put the correct size piece in the proper place.

Decoration Filling:

When too many decorative items are unnecessarily stuffed in a room, they are prone to looking strange and outdated. Choose art or images wisely for your walls, use small works of art in more than 1 bead, and bring a modern, monochromatic rug that covers the entire theme. Use pots or antiques if you have a classic-style room.

Dark interiors:

No matter how well you make your home furnished with elegant and expensive furniture, if it is messy, it will never look cozy. Dark interiors tend to make the space look small and bring uncomfortable vibrations to the room. They also have a negative impact on the mind and body. So make sure you have large windows or very bright tube lights so that it stays lit. Create a pleasant atmosphere inside. If you have a modern and elegant house with little space, keep it dry and tidy.

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Decorating your home with the best interior designers is not an easy thing to do, but by paying attention to the items mentioned above, you can achieve a perfect looking home. Be sure to pay attention to every room, including kitchen interior design and decor. Avoid these most common interior mistakes and transform your house into a beautiful and cozy space.


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