Vinyl Coated Wallpaper – Most Popular Wallpaper options available in market

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In the Market, many types of wallpaper available like paper (liner) wallpaper, Vinyl coated wallpaper, fabric wallpaper, Solid vinyl wallpaper, Non-Woven Wallpaper, Bamboo wallpaper, etc. In all the above options Vinyl (or PVC) Coated Wallpaper is in trend because is easy to install, price low compared to other, and water-resistant finish.

Vinyl Coated Wallpaper will completely change the look of your home. you will be surprised with the look that will get after the application of wallpaper. Unusual patterns, landscapes, and artistic finish will contribute to the luxurious look of your home & office.

In the old-time, wallpaper could not survive moist atmospheres and could be torn. But, it’s seen severe developments over the years. Now vinyl wallpaper provides you with several important benefits like water resistance finish & durability.

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Which material used in vinyl Coated wallpaper?

Vinyl is a synthetic man-made plastic material. It is widely used in construction due to its durability and effectiveness. Vinyl Coated wallpaper consists of a base of different materials like fabric, paper, etc. and a vinyl film that is layered on top. This process is done to create a durable wallpaper that is thick, durable, and long-lasting.

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What Surface vinyl Coated wallpaper Can Use?

Vinyl Coated wallpaper can stick to any even and clean surface you can think of. The most used surfaces include wood, plastic, glass, and metal. Place it on your computer, in your car, on your wall, or on your window.


How to Installation vinyl Coated wallpaper:

The surface you wish to attach your wallpaper must be clean and free from dust, moisture, grease, or any other contamination.

Just remove the outer cover from those pre-cut pieces of wallpaper and apply them to the preferred area. After pasting the wallpaper on your wall, press firmly along the border and if you notice any air bubbles, you can use a pin or needle to prick and squeeze out the air.

Do not apply to wet walls. Freshly painted or lacquered surfaces must be allowed to completely cure for minimum 30 days before the wallpaper is applied. The paint won’t come off the wall if you choose to remove at a later point of time

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Advantage of Vinyl Coated Wallpaper:

  1. It is available in a wide variety of designs, patterns, and surface finishes
  2. Paint often needs retouching or repainting every two to five years depending on children, pets, and traffic. With wallpaper instead of paint can gives you 10 to 15 years of durability.
  3. Wallpaper can be used to personalize temporary homes, like dorms and rentals, because it can be easily installed and removed without leaving traces.
  4. It can cover uneven walls and hide the defects easily, with little initial preparations.
  5. PVC based wallpaper is easy to clean. It can usually be wiped off with a damp rag. Which makes it looking fresh and clean.
  6. If you find a pattern that you like, but do not want to wallpaper on a full wall, consider placing it inside a photo frame for an artwork. The savings can be great over buying fine art. It is also simply changeable when you need a new “look.” You can also use wallpaper behind shelving to increase element to an area while highlighting your exhibitions.

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Disadvantage of Vinyl Coated Wallpaper:

  1. If you have patterns on wallpaper then patterns need to be matched and well-aligned together. That requires a good deal of accuracy.
  2. The edges may separate from the wall, especially in damp weather. Edge needs to be re-pasted.
  3. Wallpaper patterns change from time to time. If a wallpaper scratched or damaged, and you need to replace the wallpaper, that could be a problem. If you want to repair a wall with wallpaper, ordering a new roll might not match. So, it wise to order some extra at the time of your first order.


Price of Vinyl Coated Wallpaper:

Vinyl Coated wallpaper price is varied between Rs. 30.00 to 100.00 per square feet based on the base material, Texture, and pattern.

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If you want to change the look of your home completely with less cost and easy installation this is the best option you can consider.

Please comment down below your thought about this wallpaper. In conclusion, If any other material you want to know about it comment below.


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